Learning German at VHS Remscheid

In our German language courses you learn in classes with students of different mother tongues. Our integration courses are approved by the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees.

Integration course flow

Course Registration and Information

Registration for integration courses requires a prior consultation of your training needs. Please agree a date for this consultation with:

Iris Weiel

Kursorganisation Bereich "Integrationskurse"

02191 16-2690


Any other questions?
Please contact:

Martina Koerdt

Bereichsleitung Integrationskurse / Deutsch als Fremdsprache (B2)

02191 16-2792



You want to continue learning German at home? Please try the online learning platform www.ich-will-deutsch-lernen.de

Follow this link to the Homepage of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees for comprehensive information on integration courses.